Special offer! Buy 1, get 1!

Posted: 24th April 2007 by Chuck Flysh in Art Dump

Ah yes, the idea of making comics. Can’t quite remember when all this began… probably the time I was able to grab a crayon and have a rudimentary grasp of putting “text” into balloons. This one here was my first approach on using a digitizer pad and Photoshop (Corel Draw? Can’t remember…) to make something more than just my usual pencil scribble.

Not that I hate scribbling with a pencil, mind you. Or crayons.

Here we have Link, as you should know, from the Legend of Zelda, making a living after his popularity died away like that of an aging pop idol…

While the whole business looks a wee bit messy and the shading is just clumsily airbrushed, it does look kinda stylised as if this was the way I intended the whole thing to look like. Also took me half an eternity to arrange… might just be the reason I’m still keeping it and showing it around.

  1. Rince says:

    A great strip. Where can i order one of those potions? =)

  2. Chuck Flysh says:

    Oh, just send me those rupees and I’ll see what I can do… $_$

  3. Rince says:

    Sure t hing, will you send back the 0.05 ruby if i send you 50? ;p

  4. grim says:

    Photoshop or Corel Draw? “I can抰 remember…”? Each costs 1000$ but I had them both…

  5. Madlax says:

    Jep, but not everyone is in the lap of luxury $_$

  6. Elmo says:

    This is great.
    On fortune’s cap we’re not the very button.
    Nor the soles of her shoes.

  7. Kenman says:

    I always thought it was weird that a fish costs more than a fairy.