Kitty who?

Posted: 14th May 2007 by Chuck Flysh in Rant and Ramble

Bleh, long time no post. Whoever says these things write themselves is a LIAR!

Anyways, you deserve an explanation. Might be because I’m all involved in that spiffy red-hot University action, reading, creating simulators of real-life environments, reading, writing complete nonsense in an online seminar minutes before the deadline, and not to mention… reading. Or it might just be that I’m a lazy bastard that can’t be arsed. I don’t know… it’s all a bit fuzzy.

So, where did we leave off? Ah yes. Comics. While I can’t really put a finger on when I started drawing comics in general, I guess one turning point were the last 3 years in school. Boring years they were, and with but a pencil and a piece of chequered paper there is little else one can do.

Right… Moon Palace. I never had the urge to burn a book, and probably it’s quite a decent one if you don’t have to write an exam about it, but you can push a man only that far before he snaps…

Thinking of a very recent turn in decent British film making, I should do a remake of that one some time… where’s my to-do-list?

  1. Bwian says:

    We (gf & I) saw Hot Fuzz yesteray. For quite a long time it looked like we were going to be the only ones but then two guys showed up and took seats a couple of rows below us. It was awsome having the cinema for ourselfs (almost) and we had a good time. I really liked the movie.

    - How’s the hand?

  2. Chuck Flysh says:

    “Still a bit stiff…”

    Aye, pretty much the best film this summer, unlike most of what’s coming out… and yes, I mean you, sequels! <_<

  3. Rince says:

    I never actually heard of the movie until i read this blog. =)
    Might be worth to get the wife and go to see thise movie.