Posted: 24th June 2007 by Chuck Flysh in Rant and Ramble

Welcome to the all-monthly installment of: “Rantings and Reavings of an ID Student”.
On the last episode we left our hero battling the vile forces of Online Courses and Real-Life Simulators while dangling above a pool filled with the only thing more vicious than mutated sharks with laser cannons attached to their heads: Literature! (Damn Papercut Paranoias…)

I really try to update this, like, once a week, but if you’re stuck inside what some people might call “The University”, the emphasis remains on “try”. After writing down everything people want you to tell them – even though they might just know all that by themselves, and about twelve people wrote the same crap you did some days ago – I just can’t be buggered (See, I no use a-word, I be sophisticatuhd!) to go writing another episode of “My Boring Life”, which some bloggers have already been running for 14 seasons. Bear with me. :-)

So, how to fill up the rest of this post? Ah yes, I can tell you what I am currently working on:

Mhhh... cheese...

Yup. I’m working on a zany acronym for our Simulator. Why cheese you ask? What’s more zany than cheese? Right, it’s…

Computer- and
Simulator with

METACHEESE! I’m gonna fight for this one… and tell you how it worked out in a “week”.

Edit: Wow, I’ve become really good with the inverted commas. Glad I “practised” so much.

  1. Madlax says:

    Cheese, baby!

  2. Rince says:

    You just made me hungry. =)

  3. Lili says:

    “Congratulation’s”. The best “idea’s” are always “your’s”.

    Wanna buy some CD’s?


  4. Madlax says:

    Ah.. I see.. you have been “practising”.