Also sprach Zarathustra

Posted: 28th July 2007 by Chuck Flysh in Creative Mincing

It is done. On this day, the 28th of July 2007, a new burger that shall dominate all burgerkind has been born:

Behold the Cordon-Bleurger™!

Isn’t she a beauty?

When we crafted this item of pure flavour, we couldn’t even imagine its godlike taste. The first bite was all it took to fall in love with its cheesy-hammy-porky-beefy goodness. Combine that with a bun, some lettuce and other condiments…

…heaven’s gate! And beyond!

It will be the flagship of my new burger franchise empire: “Huge-S Burgers™”

I can only advise you to try this at home. Be warned though:
This is one serious burger. (patent pending)

Edit: Martin wrote something about the scientific background of the Cordon-Bleurger™. Might wanna check it out, if you’ve got a grasp on German.

Edit, again:
Sadly, that link is dead for now.

  1. Madlax says:

    That’s one freakin’ big burger.

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