Finish him!!

Posted: 21st July 2007 by Chuck Flysh in Rant and Ramble

Now that was one helluva “week”. Almost felt like a “month”.

So, this university term’s finished, at least when it comes to lectures. Still got a nice stack of homework left to do, but nothing can beat the feeling of finally being able to sleep in again. And grab something to eat that’s not mostly made from papier-mâché and dead rats. Metaphorically speaking, of course. I hope…

Long story short, METACHEESE didn’t make it, even though it seemed promising. On the up side, another one of my entries, right next to DESiRE and SiDEARM, made it:

Which stands for:

Efficiency and
Improvement via
Simulation of

Not as catchy as METACHEESE, but seems we don’t sell catchy these days.

Oh, and if you haven’t figured: No university = more time = more entries! But wait, there’s more: With some more time on my hands I might as well start a project I’ve had roaming the small empty space between my ears for a while now. Keep tuned, it might well be worth it.