Posted: 26th August 2007 by Chuck Flysh in Games

Sooo, yes, been back home for about a week now and in the final stages of putting together that little reader of project documentations I have to compile. After that it’s a month of nothingness and meditation. Oh, how I missed boredom…

Picked up a copy of Trauma Center: Second Opinion, which they finally released over here (a good nine months after the US release, damn them), and have to say: Surprisingly even a non-Capcom Game can be as frustrating as it is fun. Well, if you’re a notorious perfectionist aiming for an all S-Rank score, at least. I am.
While the controls were a bit less shaky in the prequel, as is to be expected when playing with a stylus on the DS screen, this shakyness is actually what makes the whole thing so challenging; especially when using the forceps or scalpel. Well, if you’re a klutz mainly relying on gross motor skills, at least. I am.

Forceps, GAH!

While the first operations seem like mindless mini-games, the difficulty level quickly rises as you have to multi-task through different tools, pick out tumors, stitch up numerous lacerations and fight the enigmatic GUILT disease, without mistakes, lest you lose your “no mistakes” bonus and end up with a mere C-rating. As a last resort you can always use your Healing Touch ability, which slows down time in a very medical bullet-time-esque way or stabilises the patient’s vitals. Well, if you’re good at drawing a star on the screen with the remote, at least. I’m not.
So, if you’ve got a Wii, you may want to pick up a copy, or at least rent it. I hear they’ll soon be releasing a sequel with added multiplayer… “Lookit that, you stitched him up all wrong! Let me handle that!” Oddness. But promising.

Now back to the drudgery of project documentations… Wheee!

Edit: I have just been informed that there are XS-Ranks as well… there goes my wrist tendon…