Why I Love Train Rides, Part Deux

Posted: 10th August 2007 by Chuck Flysh in New Horizons

Finally hooked myself up to an internet connection! Right now we’re having fun in Linköping and, how else could it be, didn’t get a car.

But first things first: We had a very nice stay in Stockholm, well apart from the short intermission of what I like to call a “Doomsday Downpour”:

Sore feet, a visit at the Vasa Museum and several billions of statues later…

… we finally had an idea of the city. The central parts at least. Not to forget being introduced to the local cuisine by a friend.

We didn’t get a car (which would have been a Ford anyway, so fuck it) and had to board a train. Sadly Swedes are much more civilised on trains than Germans, so we didn’t get a good show. Well, can’t have everything, I guess.

  1. Martin says:

    Have fun. And don’t play with your plumz0rs.

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