Why I Love Train Rides

Posted: 6th August 2007 by Chuck Flysh in New Horizons

Things are getting more organized, thanks for that. Only one homework of sorts left and it’s finally time for me to set out to Sweden!
In fact, I’m writing this on on my lappy, as I’m already over at Marc’s place. Riding trains for a few hours is so soothing for the mind, granted you have the right set of mind for it. That is: Liking it to see other people suffer and getting upset at each other.

Like the elderly lady behind me who, while we were shambling from cart to cart in a line, shouted something like: “You plan to keep standing here now?!”
Before I could even answer something smart like: “Yeah, sorry, I couldn’t afford seating.”, two other ladies in front of me shouted past me: “Well, the queue ain’t moving!”, which sounded like “Oh, just shut up, bitch!”. Heartwarming.

Or that couple at the station, arguing about why one of them just had to wander down the platform, without telling the other. It went on for 10 minutes after that. Try suppressing a chuckle for that amount of time… it physically hurts!

Or that child annoying everyone on the train, because her mother thought anti-authority was the way to go. Evil glances (and one grin) en masse.

I could go on for hours… to some extend train rides are better than cinema. Especially with some of the films that came out this year. And you actually get somewhere, too.