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Posted: 21st January 2008 by Chuck Flysh in Rant and Ramble

Dear guy who stole the wheels off my bike in broad daylight: Die. Painfully. AND BURN IN FUCKING HELL. Dear people who just walked by as he did so: I hope they’re gonna steal something from you pretty soon. Oh and you can burn in hell, too, I suppose. Regards, Furious Me

Lifting the veil…

Posted: 1st January 2008 by Chuck Flysh in Art Dump, Murphy's Law, Rant and Ramble

Well, more of a patina, really. *blows the dust off ye olde blog* So, ehem. Let’s start over. Hello everyone. Happy new year and such. As the more observant of you might have noticed, this blog has been deaded for 4 months now. Why? Well, several reasons. No time, no motivation, nothing to tell and, [...]