Lifting the veil…

Posted: 1st January 2008 by Chuck Flysh in Art Dump, Murphy's Law, Rant and Ramble

Well, more of a patina, really.
*blows the dust off ye olde blog*

So, ehem. Let’s start over. Hello everyone. Happy new year and such.

As the more observant of you might have noticed, this blog has been deaded for 4 months now. Why? Well, several reasons. No time, no motivation, nothing to tell and, most of all, obliviousness. Sweet, sweet obliviousness. Goes nicely with a good Single Malt.
But now in a new year with new possibilities, new ideas and lots of old habits I do finally have something of interest to present to you. Something I have been turning around in my mind for quite a while now but just couldn’t put down on paper until… yes, today! Behold the first ever page of… Murphy’s Law!

Murphy抯 Law Teaser

A draft, actually. But you should get the idea… Detective Darius Murphy, fighting crime in the city of Peaceful Hamlet… or trying to. There might even be a little buddy cop in it…

I’ll see to it that we add a gallery for all that crap creative refuse art I crank out all the time. I’ll also have to fetch a new scanner soonish. And a fast way to digitise those things so they look more “professional”. ;<_<

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