Dust Off The Stage

Posted: 6th February 2008 by Chuck Flysh in Intoxicated, Tim-Dô


While I’m still procrastinating working hard on the first real episode of Murphy’s Law, I might bridge that time gap with something special. Tonight you will witness what only few have seen before and lived to tell the story. The ultimate martial art. No blood. No bruises. No body contact. The only thing it will shatter is… your ego. I am of course talking of…


Lesser sports have to rely on quickness, stamina, grace or tactics alone. But only one combines everything in what can only be described as pure, primal art.

So, what exactly is Tim-dô? People with no idea whatsoever might refer to it as simple “posing”. But Tim-dô ist more than just your average display of brawn; it is a highly coordinated dance, a battle to the death, a fierce flurry of fast-paced finger-pointing. If I had to call it something, I’d say it’s a bloodsport without bloodshed. So… basically just a sport. But a damn manly one. Which doesn’t exclude women from participating, though. ;<_<

I'll soon be giving you a quick insight on the history of Tim-dô as well as the rules, ranking system and a rudimentary set of moves which I will update from time to time. Stay tuned. I know you will.