Posted: 21st March 2008 by Chuck Flysh in Art Dump

Secondly: I’ve been fooling around with a few sketching programs to make that little Murphy’s Law business go a bit more smoothly and a lot easier to pull off. Previously I had to make a pencil sketch, scan it, ink it with a stylus and pad, then colour it and put some shading on. Pleh.
Played a bit with ArtRage 2, which is really fun if you want to mess around with oil and acrylic colours, but the inking still lacks that certain something.

Testing Art Rage

Well, for one, there isn’t really a proper ink pen tool. You have to use the pencil in precision mode or an “art pen” which works out nicely, but only if you’ve got a steady hand and know where you wanna end up. Too much slow and tedious work for someone like me.
In a nutshell, if you know any extremely fine sketching-and-inking programs, tools and whatnot, lemme know. ^^