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Posted: 21st June 2008 by Chuck Flysh in Games, Rant and Ramble

(Bullet to the head.)

Yeargh. Gharbl. Grrr. One would think there are people able to actually fill in a table. A very simple grid saying “name”, “e-mail address” in the first line of the first two pillars. One might even think you could find them at a university. Where all the smark peepul hang out.
Yeah, it may have been too complicated telling them to fill in their names and e-mail address in said grid, without explicitly telling them which column to use. Or to use them at all. Might have been too confusing to tell them to put down their desired time into the column titled with a date or just make a fricken cross for the whole time.
Yet, I am sick of always having to be ready to deal with everyone’s stupidity all the time, ever! Well, guess that’s what I’ll have to do now. Decypher what’s left of the table. Yay.

Apart from little issues with humanity, what’s mainly fuelling my rage is that my iPod’s broken after two and a half years of devoted service. Well, basically it’s not really broken, the audio jack just seems to be a bit shaky, so that the sound on my right speaker goes haywire. Feels like a bullet to the head every time. I sent it off to repair, which means I can’t make the world around me shut up at my command anymore.

On that note, I played through a lovely Square-Enix RPG called The World Ends With You. With the hero being an antisocial kid who’s got headphones on all the time to shut up the world around him… how could I resist? What I can say about it without spoiling too much of the nicely twisted (and sometimes a bit too cheesy) storyline is that this game finally manages to use the Nintendo DS input system to the max. Where you would usually just concentrate on one screen, this game puts combat action onto both screens. The upper screen is controlled via the D-Pad, while the lower one makes you fight with a multitude of touch commands to activate “pins” (your spells). Keeps you quite busy for a while with lots of ways to upgrade your characters and about a gadzillion of pins to collect. Another thing I came to love is the slightly stylized Japanese artwork, which really adds to the game’s atmosphere of 21st century urban design.
So, if you’ve got a DS you might wanna look into this one. Quite the best game for the system in a long time.

Now, back to ogre-mode. Gwarghl. Raaaagh.

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