Slacker-5 calling in…

Posted: 12th June 2008 by Chuck Flysh in Art Dump, Murphy's Law

This is Slacker-5, do you read me? Ha, see what I did there? Seems I’m really not that cut out for all this blogging stuff…

Buuuut being a man that stands up to his word, I hereby present to you, only half a year’s wait after the teaser (that’s a good bunch less than on any major blockbuster!), the first ever episode of… Murphy’s Law. Hurraaaaay!

Murphy抯 Law, page 1

Well, since I didn’t really get down with tablets-and-sketching I went back to my good old buddies pencil and paper. To make drawing the boxes suck less, I drew them once and copied them a couple of times. So smart. Only problem seems to be I drew them a bit askew. So dumb. Finally, I slapped a bit of Sepia onto the whole thing to make it more… um… mellow? ;<.<
On the upside, this gives the comic a rugged look which personally I like very much. On the downside, this gives the comic a rugged look. *shrug*

Punchline too obvious? Drawing too crude? Handwriting too… handwritey? Want more colour? Tell me what you think, I’ll promise not to yell at you. For now.

  1. Madlax says:

    Good work Tim ;)

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