Illness, Lust and Traitors

Posted: 27th August 2008 by Chuck Flysh in Art Dump, Murphy's Law

In my eternal quest to make my comics suck less, I have hit quite a few walls, while smashing others in. I tried pencils, ink pens, ball-point pens, felt tip pens, crayons, coal and digital tablet goodness. Those experiments always took too much time to really integrate some regular comic into my life.
While designing a bunch of tactical maps for WoW (don’t judge me) I picked up quite a bit of proficiency with this wonderful program called Adobe Illustrator. I had tried to use it to make comics more quickly way back a couple of years, and again a couple of months ago, but frankly, I sucked too much at it. Collecting what was left of my ego, I went and tried again:

Murphy抯 Illustrated Head

Well lookie here. Looks just like the original. Well, apart from the sloppy pencil lines and crayon colouring. With a few modifications to his facial features I may be able to pump out those comics more quickly. Well, at least they’ll look more like something from the 21st century. Next ep will be all illustratoriotionorized; just takes a bit longer to build the character templates for the first time. Stay tuned.

  1. grim says:

    H鰎t sich toll an. Bin auf den neuen Style gespannt. Und mehr ist immer gut!