Same Old Song and Dance

Posted: 25th May 2010 by Chuck Flysh in Art Dump, Official

Rrrrrrrrrrrighto. We’re back. Zombified, but back. By now we’ve probably lost all regular readers, if any, and scared away all new ones. Well, what can I say. This thing is a dusty, old, crampy, white-on-grey relic of the past. And still, it contains quite a lot of my brainchildren from over the years and apparently some readers actually liked it. Why didn’t I update? Well, let’s start with a rather… pathological approach.

It is a tad awkward when people actually like your drawings. You think you owe them more, hell, you owe them a copy to take home. So, quite naturally, they ask you whether you dump them somewhere. And then, the dance starts:

“Yes, I’ve got a blog, had it for years now, but I really rarely update it, in fact I kinda cancelled updates altogether, ahahaha…”
“… don’t know.”

And that’s where the conversation usually drops off.

So, why? I’ve been asking myself that very same question quite a bit. Nothing important to tell? Only whiny shit? My art not fit to be released into the wilderness of that vast land we call the internets? Balls. This is the internet. All of the above infest it with abundance. I’ve been semi-active on ze twitters ever since micro-blogging became the in-thing, and half of the stuff there ain’t worth more than a chuckle.

The truth is, I’ve been neglecting my drawing for all kinds of activities, some required, but most should never have been as high on the priority list. The result? In the last one-and-a-half years my skills have not really improved. A song I’ve known too well. But no more. I bought a shiny new sketch book, and I will use it… with a vengeance!

And maybe… just maybe… I will finally get to tell the adventures of these two.

Buddy Cops, too?

Screw technology. Screw pretty. Rugged is my style. My pencil is my sword. The paper is… mine… enemy?

I’ll be working on that metaphor till next time. I’ll have a word with my favourite webmaster to rework the site design as well. I’ll also inject myself with some manner of vile poison, and the antidote will only be dispensed upon a new blog post. Wheee.

No way that plan can fail.