For My Fan

Posted: 10th July 2010 by Chuck Flysh in Murphy's Law

Jeebus, it’s hot these days. Doesn’t help I’m being treated to an extra dose of university over the weekend. Still, those precious little minutes in front of my oscillating fan I could squeeze out were put to good use: I remade the first page of Murphy’s Law from June 2008, which was pretty much alright as it was, but I really wanted to check how easy it is to create and pose Sweater-Murphy with his gun holster. Plus, it’s all part of the retconning progress.

I actually liked the hand-drawn art style in the old one better, as it is the most dynamical version of Murphy I’ve created up to this date. However, what it has in style, it lacks in detail and reproducability. So, while I don’t consider this illustration an improvement, but more of a sidegrade, it serves to level the comic’s style quite a bit. And I now have more templates to work with in the future.

But go ahead and make up your own mind.

Welcome back to Murphy’s Law, which last time took six months to go from the teaser-trailer to page one. I guess you could call that an improvement. In this episode, we follow Detective Debjit Murphy as he puts the “tool” in “multitool”!

Initially, I wanted to give the cola a more fiery design and call it Phoenix Cola, but apparently some New Zealandian do-gooders were one step ahead of me. Herbal cola that’s not actually, ahem, “herbal” but contains Ginko, eh? That burns on a wholly different level. The worst thing? I wanna drink one of those now. Damn you people.

Oh well. Guess the reference works this way, too, if not even better. Stay cool the best you can folks, until next time. And remember to drink the Wright stuff™!