Let’s Get Ready To Retcoooooon!

Posted: 6th July 2010 by Chuck Flysh in Murphy's Law

Dear readers, viewers, listeners, tasters and other synesthetes. I took it upon me and sacrificed pretty much all of my Sunday recreating the teaser from back in 2008 with the new art style and made it… SHINY!

I guess you can now look upon it as the intro sequence. The prologue. The real starting point. Ladies and Gentlemen: Murphy’s Law is at hand!

Murphy's Law Teaser REMAKE
Welcome to Murphy’s Law, where we follow the exploits of Indio-American all-purpose dective Debjit Murphy in the crime ridden city of Peaceful Hamlet. In this episode, we’re treated to… A TEASER TRAILER! BLAM-O!

All the work with Illustrator over the years finally made this one a breeze. Well almost. If you take the frustration out of trying to illustrate something and fill it with progressive success, it feels more like a breeze even if it takes hours. In summery heat. On a metal Mac. Oh well, at least I could do it outside in the grass. As long as the sun wouldn’t hit Steve’s patented über-reflective screen. Thanks man.

Technical difficulties aside, I retconned (link goes to TVtropes, enter at your own risk) Murphy into being of Indian (as in “from India”) descent now. I never could make up my mind what nationality he stems from, and how the name Murphy would make sense in that.
He started out as a sketch that I, at the time heavily influenced by the Ace Attorney series, based around the useless-but-amiable Detective Gumshoe. He ended up looking too much like the “grizzled detective” stereotype, so I reworked his hairdo to look a bit less conventional. That, again, looked so much better when I gave him dark skin. Following this completely arbitrary design progress, he appeared to simply be Afro-American at first. But that soon became unattractive as I did not want to invoke any Shaft-esque cop story that would border on Blaxploitation (crap, I did it again). Giving him the project name “Lavernious Murphy” didn’t help much either.
I then thought about where else he could be from, conceding with “oh what the hell, how about the Middle-East”. And there was Darius Murphy, of Iranian descent, whose parents came to the states and got a new name. Or grandparents. Or his mother married an American. As you can see, that backstory felt incredibly uncomfortable to form.
In the final design stages of the last few weeks, I shifted his skin colour a bit more towards Auburn, and bam, suddenly he had an Indio-Irish heritage… you may get a look at that scrambled up genealogy later. Soon as I have it figured out myself. All he needed now was something of a more stereotypical name. Thankfully, the internet is full of creative ways to name your baby boys, even in Hindi. He ended up with the name Debjit, which not only sounds like some sort of Irish curse and thus goes nicely with Murphy, but apparently also means “one who has conquered the gods”.

Oh, have I got plans for you, Murphy! Stay tuned for more of my Redesign Retcon Rampage.

  1. Taz_Dingo says:

    Dude, great!

    Does he drink his sari with a lacing of Bushmills? ;)

  2. Chuck Flysh says:

    He does need a signature drink, doesn’t he? ;D