IT Professionals of the Caribbean

Posted: 28th August 2010 by Chuck Flysh in New Horizons

Oh T-Pain, you old loon...
I’m on a ferry motherfucker, take a look at me
Straight flowin’ on a ferry on the deep blue sea
Bustin’ five knots, wind whippin’ my Burberry
You can’t stop me motherfucker, ’cause I’m on a ferry

Now that that obvious reference is out of the way, I think I owe you a little explanation. At this very moment I’m en route from Rostock to beautiful Helsinki, for a Sunday full of awe and wonder, and then on to scenic little Joensuu where I will spend my Autumn semester. Seeing as it’s the in-thing to blog about your happenings in a strange new world, I’ve started a new category going by the name of “New Horizons” where I will blog about my time abroad. I will also retroactively put that category on all my (two) travel-related posts from the past, for your convenience™.

While I’ve made some very uninteresting pics of the ferry’s interior and surrounding sea, the WiFi on board blocks all my attempts to upload them here. For the above pic I had to go some detours and have it saved to a rather unsavoury location outside the WordPress framework by our almighty webmaster. Some smart IT person on board must have blocked all features (even youtube!) that would drag down the WiFi’s performance and make it even more sluggish than it already is. But hey, I’m glad I can post at all.

So, I’ll just have to describe this bucket of bolts to you. As you can see on the pic, it’s the Superfast VIII, a ship of the Tallink-Silja fleet, that is so incredibly lighting quick that the trip from Rostock to Helsinki only takes… 28 hours. We cleared Rockstock port at 2am German time, which meant sleeping through most of the coastal view. I’m glad I shelled out an additional €40 for a shared cabin. The people staying in the deck seat area did look all but rested. And smelling some of them, I guess my sleep wouldn’t have been as tight next to someone down there… the other gents in my little 4-bed cabin, however, are pleasant enough. Two of of them actually didn’t show up last night. Kinda weird, come to think of it.

Food is okay-ish. A bit too expensive, but I guess that’s what you can pull off, if you have the on-board monopoly. The cakes we had for lunch however… mouthwatering. Let’s see what dinner has in store. Not much else to do here anyway, except maybe to stare out at sea and write; either silly blog posts or that nagging little paper that despite all my efforts did not cave in and write itself. They never do. Had a nice talk during breakfast with a German Professor, who took up teaching in Tallin. Judging from his tales, it seems I need to put Estonia on my map of “places to check out at some point” as well. Or Tallin, at least.

Well, that’s all for now. Tomorrow will be all about my sight-seeing adventures in Helsinki. Let’s hope that hostel has some free WiFi for me to pepper my post with some flavour pictures. Till then, moi moi!