Pierogies Are Awesome

Posted: 30th August 2010 by Chuck Flysh in New Horizons

Gonna make this a quick one as it’s getting a little late.

Not much to say anyway except that I’ve finally arrived in Joensuu, sitting in a quaint little hostel with free WiFi. Driving down those long Finnish motorways comes close to mediation. Forests, lakes, a few fields, forests with lakes shining through, forests and lakes. There wasn’t much of a freeway, most of it was country roads with little dirt paths forking off into the woods, and sometimes, if you were lucky, a lay-by next to a lake.

Well, maybe not upwards.

Well, maybe not upwards.

Finns seem to have a very laid-back driving style, and mostly going at a mere 80-100kph down the 450km drive from Helsinki to Joensuu cannot compare to the aggressive hassle on the German Autobahn. It also saves on fuel. Whether Finns only have such a relaxed driving style due to the many, many, MANY speed traps that line the way or whether they have their tempomats set to chill, I have yet to find out.

Also, I’m growing fond to the local cuisine, namely the incredibly tasty Karelian Pierogi. Had them for breakfast pretty much each day since I had set foot onto the ferry, and both for breakfast and lunch today. My rating: Extremely nommable. Addictive even. And quite inexpensive as well! Now don’t lecture me about the calory intake of carbs with fat and more carbs. I’ve officially stopped caring. <3