Here we go again…

Posted: 8th September 2011 by Chuck Flysh in Murphy's Law

Righty then. I’ve been back from Finland for a while now, and while spending quite the adventurer’s life over there, I’m now back to drooling over a keyboard in Germany.
So, you psyched for another thrilling episode of everyone’s favourite detective comic hero? I sure am. But it’s still a while for that new Batman film to be released… Guess we’ll have to resign ourselves to reading the first strip of Murphy’s law in a long while instead.

Welcome back to Murphy’s Law, who would’ve thought? In this issue we’ll finally meet the captain of Murphy’s precinct for the first (second) time and get a whiff of his… special style.

In other news, to create a more social network-y repository for my “art” and make it more accessible for people who just like to browse images without my endless rants, I made one of those infamous deviantArt accounts. Do check it out here, if you fancy.