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Let’s Get Ready To Retcoooooon!

Posted: 6th July 2010 by Chuck Flysh in Murphy's Law

Dear readers, viewers, listeners, tasters and other synesthetes. I took it upon me and sacrificed pretty much all of my Sunday recreating the teaser from back in 2008 with the new art style and made it… SHINY! I guess you can now look upon it as the intro sequence. The prologue. The real starting point. [...]

Illness, Lust and Traitors, Part Deux

Posted: 27th June 2010 by Chuck Flysh in Art Dump, Murphy's Law

So, I caved in and practised my skills in Illustrator on the sketch I had posted earlier. It. Looks. Gorgeous! And there goes my resolve. With that reworked borderless design, and customizeable highlights in rugged-ish lines, they finally look exactly how I imagined them. All in all putting that sketch into an illustration only took [...]

“… got something prepared.”

Posted: 24th September 2008 by Chuck Flysh in Art Dump, Murphy's Law

*gets pushed in front of camera* What? What?! How long? But I hardly even did anyth-… oh, hello dear viewers. Today on “Cooking Up Graphically Challenging Constructs With Tim” we will have a look at what fussy work it is to digitise your drawings with a vector graphics tool. Actually, it wasn’t all that bad. [...]

Illness, Lust and Traitors

Posted: 27th August 2008 by Chuck Flysh in Art Dump, Murphy's Law

In my eternal quest to make my comics suck less, I have hit quite a few walls, while smashing others in. I tried pencils, ink pens, ball-point pens, felt tip pens, crayons, coal and digital tablet goodness. Those experiments always took too much time to really integrate some regular comic into my life. While designing [...]