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=~=~-( x_X )-<',~=~= ((__(>

Posted: 21st June 2008 by Chuck Flysh in Games, Rant and Ramble

(Bullet to the head.) Yeargh. Gharbl. Grrr. One would think there are people able to actually fill in a table. A very simple grid saying “name”, “e-mail address” in the first line of the first two pillars. One might even think you could find them at a university. Where all the smark peepul hang out. [...]


Posted: 26th August 2007 by Chuck Flysh in Games

Sooo, yes, been back home for about a week now and in the final stages of putting together that little reader of project documentations I have to compile. After that it’s a month of nothingness and meditation. Oh, how I missed boredom… Picked up a copy of Trauma Center: Second Opinion, which they finally released [...]

Name of the Game

Posted: 30th March 2007 by Chuck Flysh in Games, Official

By now I have been asked numerous times: “Why call it ‘Black Rabite’… and what’s a rabite anyway?” First off, if you don’t know what a rabite is… tsk, tsk. Thanks to the power of the almighty and omniscient internet, however, you can easily look that one up. Now, you may want to pay particular [...]