The Tim-Dô Book of Moves

By Chuck Flysh

The Sparrow

The Sparrow
is the most basic of all moves. Extend your right arm to its full length in front of you and point your index finger at the opponent. Keep your legs steady but comfortable, you won’t need them for this move. While it may look to be full of openings, you will always have your left hand free to block whatever your opponent may be throwing at you or to retaliate against an attack. A variation is the Lefty-Sparrow, where you use your left hand to point and keep your right hand on standby.


The Phoenix

The Phoenix is a recovery pointing move. Facing your opponent, move your whole body at a 45 degree angle to the left while keeping your eyes fixed onto your foe. While doing so, swiftly lift your right arm, extend it straight forward completely and point only your index finger at your opponent. Doing so will leave only a little part of your body open and ideally force your adversary to move from his position and strike from a different angle, leaving you time to plan your next move.
Incidentally there is no lefty version of the Phoenix.

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